A visit to NASA?

700780main_698811main_aerial-4x3-ACD12-0026-004_946-710A little bit of news for our Thursday program: We have been trying to get this one particular appointment in the box and now it is here: So, after our visit at the Denali Middle School in Sunnyvale, we will be heading to NASAs research HQ in Silicon Valley to meet with one of their national science directors Yvonne Pendleton.

This is not exactly easy to do, so we are very happy that we — courtesy of Kent Vickery — was able to arrange for this. One theme will be how NASA organizes virtual research teams within complex fields of science. Other themes and discussions will be a bit up to you all — I am sure Yvonne will be a delightful talking partner, and she extends her greetings to everyone. This will be our before-noon session on Thursday. So there will be a program change there.

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