Getting ready for the coming workshop



In just about a week we will meet at these stairs in front of the Stanford University Campus, as a beginning of our workshop. Here, we will begin to develop a week-long story not only about Stanford but — actually much more — about the roles of universities and knowledge hubs in processes of social change and innovation. Our specific target with the workshop will of course be our own institutions — where they are — as well as those themes and concerns that we understand we share.

Be that as it may, please make sure to go through the various instructions tat you find on this website. It is a very simple website, and we will only be using if for this workshop. On the other hand, it is also nice to have such a website to look back to after we are done, as a means of documentation but also as a means of sharing an agreement as to what we achieved and what to make of it in the next steps ahead.

There will be a series of posts on this blog from myself and from Vidar — both practical and more discussion oriented. But right now it is a Sunday night, and there is good reason for doing other things than programming up a website.

More on this later. Just know that the site is there and that it can be used.

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