Tveiten: The workshop agenda

WheTravel journaln we begin our first regular session Tuesday morning, you may want to have the series of slides available that I (Oddgeir) prepared as background and context. We begin the workshop on Monday afternoon at 3 PM, with a walk around campus. But the actual workshop begins Tuesday morning and that is when we will set the context — in academic terms.So please download — or know where to find this

As noted in the workshop invitation, we are here to do three things:


  1. Understand the roles, importances and impacts of Silicon Valley on the world´s education ecologies — from the point of view that we both can and ought to be a part of it.
  2. Discuss various projects that in sum defines our joint agenda for Future Learning.
  3. Make one decisive step forward on a EU Horizon 2020 project.

In order to achieve these goals, we will all want to contribute in our own ways. There will be time for some presentation talks, and there will be time for two-by-two reflection talks. We will have some guests and we will have some field visits. My hope is that the slide series that you can download, will assist you on all these levels.

Please download here.FLL – Sv Workshop ´14; 3 5MB

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