Tveiten: Notes on the Stanford Silicon Valley story

Once there was a valley,and not much silicon….but it changed, and in a very short time….

Silicon Valley, grey


As a means for everyone to better grasp the development of Silicon Valley and the significance of that development, we have introduced it as a theme to the workshop. This page will introduce a number of links to websites, books and people in order to underpin that story.

More information on this page to come.

2 Commentsto Tveiten: Notes on the Stanford Silicon Valley story

  1. Eilif Trondsen says:

    I look forward to discussions of “the Silicon Valley Story” in the context of learning and learning technology, and what we can draw and learn from this to help us better understand other parts of the world, including “the Nordics.” What is useful and relevant, and what is not, from Silicon Valley, especially as we look to the future? I have had the privilege of having a “perch” here in Silicon Valley, and my office at SRI in Menlo Park–in the center of Silicon Valley–for over 35 years and have been fascinated about many aspects of “the Valley.”

    • oddgeir oddgeir says:

      Thanks, Eilif. Now that we know Michael Carter is the one who will be telling that story — with your comments and some others, I am sure — I know we are in for a good version of it. Of course, coming over to SRI on Wednesday will give an opportunity to extend the story with those parts of it that you have been walking around in for decades: The establishment of ARPANET, the invention of the computer mouse, and more. I am really looking forward to this part of the program.

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