Kidwell: The “Webstudent” project

Donna Kidwell will give an introduction to the Webstudent project, which is a complete learning environment developed at Noroff College and used at several universities and colleges as their primary new generationĀ CMS. Donna will introduce, and then we have room for questions. If time, she will upload a presentation which you will find on this website.

We will come back to the question of presentation materials ready before the workshop.

One Commentto Kidwell: The “Webstudent” project

  1. Eilif Trondsen says:

    Look forward to learning more about the Webstudent platform and how it is evolving, Donna. The “learning platform” space is getting increasingly crowded, so I look forward to hearing your perspectives on what you see as important functionalities/affordances of the Webstudent platform as you seek to meet a range of different needs of students and institutions you will be serving in the future.

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