Ecology Earth concept word collage. Environmental poster design tempolate. Vector illustration, EPS8.Please come back to visit this page at regular intervals. This is where we will post most of the practical workshop information.

  • Q Where do we meet for the first session on Monday afternoon?
  • A We meet in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel, at 4 PM: We will take a walk up on the Stanford Campus. Please check the latest version of the program for details.
  • Q Where do we meet for the first session on Tuesday?
  • A We meet on the Shriram room SB33 – In the new Bioengineering building — I will post a map direction to it. This will be our base for the entire week. Likely, we will move to another, closer seminar room for some variation — and also to the d.School of at least one session.
  • Q Where will be having our Stanford sessions?
  • A Se above — we will have the Shriram room SB33 as our base. It seats 18-20. Rooms are scare on campus right now due to start-up semester classes. But if we can, we will move around a little bit.
  • Q What is covered by the workshop fee?
  • A The fee covers all Stanford costs, 4 lunches, 4 dinners, and in-town taxi/transportation.
  • Q What do I need to do to prepare?
  • See the comments below: 
  1. We ask everyone to prepare a presentation of self and ongoing project interest/issue/challenge that you are working on. We will want everyone to have about 5-10 minutes during the first regular morning session (on Tuesday), for such a presentation. If anyone wants to make a more extensive presentation, lets us know.
  2. We ask everyone to prepare a half page long CV/BIO including a small passport size digital photo, sent to us in order for us to make a presentation page more meaningful to all participants and outside guests. Please have this ready as soon as you can and send it to us before you leave from Norway/South Africa. Here is a link to that page, so you can see an example of the requested participant bio.



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