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Welcome to the workshop blog!

This blog represents our discussions during the workshop September 29th – October 3rd. Please log in to use it. And come back frequently to see the discussions developing. You´ll find the posts and comments listed to the right. If you want more than the last 5 of each, use the archives function at the top of the side menu. You will also find it in the web page footer to your right.


You may also want to brief yourself on the other participating members in the workshop. Click here.

Getting into the context:

If you want to refresh your memory or get introduced to our discussions from the previous workshop in Kristiansand, June 2014, here is the link to our website. You will find the keynotes (Keith Devlin and Donna Kidwell) as well as links to our twitterfeeds and Disqus forum. poe

Unfortunately, the keynotes are encoded in a format that requires substantial bandwith to download, so you may have to wait a while. When they apear, they also appear with the lecture notes embedded, but I was not aware of how slow this is in practice. If we can, we will try to upload them as normal mpegs  or mp4s– meaning you can see them more effortlessly.







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