A note from our previous workshop



If you want to refresh or get introduced to our discussions from this past June in Kristiansand. Norway, here is a link to our conference site: http://www.futurelearninglab.com/conference2014/venue/index.php#.VCRr9-cVbC8.

Among other things you will find the postings from our twitter discussons, our Disqus forum and also the keynotes. It should be a good way to get into the moood of what we will be sharing next week at Stanford.

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  1. Inspired by the big climate march in New York, I’d like to see efficient and high quality education on sustainable development coming up to ensure that we all will have a future. I have an article on e-learning here: http://ufbutv.com/e-learning/

  2. oddgeir oddgeir says:

    Åke; Exactly what we will be discussing in relation to our collaboration project with Grid. Please note that one of our US participants in Tuesday is Michael Carter, who at one time was Apple Computers´ director for education. Michael is a person to talk to about game-based learning, so let´s bring your comment here up on Tuesday.

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