open bookThe workshop program has now been uploaded. Please accept that there may still be some changes. We are working hard on the field trip challenge, and will have to take into consideration the time frames available to us and the travel distance between our field trip options. Any such program for a group for 20 people requesting slightly different emphasis will be a continuous work of art.

We´ll work on it. Artfully.

Workshop Agenda v3  (download) (version as of noon September 26th).

The dinner schedule is now uploaded. You will find it hyperlinked in the worksho porogram. All restaurants are local in Palo Alto — with so many good choices there us no reason to get complicated. Our first regular meeting point is the Sheraton Hotel Lobby on Monday Afternoon. We said 4PM earlier, but we want to change this to 3PM in order to allow some more time between a walk and the Monday night dinner. Wear good walking shoes.

Or second meeting point is the Three seasons Restaurant at 7 PM on Monday. (Oriental food – if possible we will be seated outside in a nice patio).

Street view  //  Map view



  1. Kent Vickery Kent Vickery says:

    Hi – enjoyed the conversation as well – will be in touch.



  2. Gerda Mischke says:

    Oddgeir, I realise that the University of South Africa’s needs as a massive ODL institution may differ from the interests of other institutions and that even artful thinking may not allow us to accommodate South Africa. We are OK with it, the opportunity to listen to what you are planning will at least give us an indication of where Norway, the USA and other European countries are going ito digital learning.

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