Horizon 2020

h2020inbrief_6373_4With the workshop in Palo Alto coming to an end in not too long, it may make sense to begin looking up the various EU Horizon 2020 resources that we will need. This explains why a new menu has been added to the website. The idea may be to use this space as a repository for various links and info resources.

We can begin with this page – a very accessible page in the EU Horizon 2020 wilderness. Look it up and download the H 2020 e-book. It will be a good start for anyone wanting to get a heads-up on the program. Here is the link.

In the future we will add more sub pages with various resources. Use the blog to comment, and also review the DropBox folder that is being set up in addition to this webspace.

Here is the ICT and Innovation H2020 Page.

H 2020 also has an excellent review of the role of the humanities and social sciences various program areas.

In our ways&means finding process we may also want to look at Science in Society.

These pages are not neccessarily the CALLS pages where the actual announcements are made, but they are nevertheless good indicators of a way of thinking and an approach. The EU has a very distinct manner of presenting research calls. And more on that later.

Before we go much further we will also need to set p a EU Consultancy link. Without professional advisers, we will get nowhere. Also, we will be looking for partners in — a process we have begun:



The Baltic Countries.

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