General background: 

Building on what we achieved in our workshop in Kristiansand in June 2014, the purpose with this workshop can be summarized in three points:

  1. To strengthen our network by meeting also in Silicon Valley, continuing our talks here.
  2. To provide participants with their own network here in Palo Alto/San Francisco, and generally build a better understanding of the possibilities as well as the dynamics of Silicon Valley.
  3. To produce a basic platform for an upcoming EU Horizon 2020 application — an ambition that is still a ways off.

That having been said, we will seek to move a decisive step forward in our Palo Alto workshop, towards forging a viable consortium that may begin to zone in on the chosen thematic for Horizon 2020. When we established the Future Learning Lab in 2009, it was with the intention of doing what we are now posed to do.

We are seeking a platform for an engaged dialogue with peer scholars and experts in areas of New Media and Learning, internationally. A key ambition all along has been to cultivate a working relation with colleagues in Silicon Valley, including the guests and friends that we have been fortunate to have with us in Kristiansand every year since 2009.

The format of the workshop: 

We will maintain a quite open and dialogue-oriented approach throughout the entire week. As said in the initial workshop invitation that we sent out a few months ago, the format will be a mix of

  • informal talks with colleagues from Stanford and other arenas in Silicon Valley
  • inter-mixed with our ongoing project development discussions within the project group
  • framed within a select number of visits to incubators, companies, and resource centers here in Silicon Valley.

Ambition with the workshop: 

Dialogue is a good ambition in its own. That having been said, our goal is to move our network one step further.

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